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It can help with

Why Therapy?

It can help with

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Whether you have a formal diagnosis, are self-diagnosed, or relate to a lot of the experiences of someone with ADHD, we can work on strategies to get you "unstuck" and headed where you want to go.


We all know that pit in our stomach or racing heart feeling. Our thoughts can seem like constant "what ifs", imagining the worst, and feeling like everyone is mad at you. We will work on naming it, understanding it, and learning to walk alongside of it. 

Work Stress

We spend so much time at work, but it's often left out of the discussion of what impacts our mental health. We'll work on managing those tricky boss relationships, coworker dynamics, and trying to make your general workflow a little easier. 

Family Dynamics

Family life is complicated--whether it be your "new" family with your partner, your "old family" with the people who raised you, or your chosen family. We can work on navigating all of the intersecting roles you hold. 


It's not just feeling sad. We can work on feeling a lack of motivation, being tired all of the time, and general "blah-ness". Let's work together to get your spirits feeling a little lighter. 

Relationship Issues

We'll work on how you're communicating with your partner, spots of friction in your partner and friendship relationships, dating issues, ALL.OF.THE.THINGS. 

Why Therapy?

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