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Interested in short-term, solutions based work for a specific problem? An intensive might be the right fit for you. An intensive offers you three sessions, each two hours long. During these sessions, we will work together to comprehensively get a handle on the issue, come up with solutions together, and implement those changes. The beauty of the intensive is that the subject matter and pace is completely customizable to your needs. 

Close Up of Leaf above career transition therapy

Navigating A Career Transition

Are you thinking of a career move or contemplating what next step might be right? Maybe you're about to start a new job or have just started something different?


 In this intensive, we will explore your passions and skills, work on aligning your career goals with your values, and work out practicalities to get you headed where you feel most connected. We will also talk though potential stressors and coping skills, ways to handle self-doubt as it arises, and resilience strategies for the road ahead. 

Image by Artak Petrosyan

Burnout Prevention 

Are you feeling burned out? You're noticing that you are completely exhausted from the toll of a difficult job and daily life? Not sure how all of your energy seems zapped at the end of the day every single day? 

In this intensive, we will look at your sources of stress, figure out how to create a little more balance wherever possible, implement strategies for boundaries where needed, and come up with a plan so this doesn't happen again. 

Plant leaf close up above handling life change therapy intensive

Handling a Life Change

Are you on the verge of a big shift, like a move or a relationship change? Are you planning to make the change or maybe something has happened that you didn't see coming?

In this intensive, we will look at how you got here, how you're coping, and what you envision for your future. Whether it's working through heartbreak or charting a new course, you'll leave feeling like you have a better handle on your next steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Intensives

What makes an intensive different from actual therapy?

An intensive is a short-term, time-limited, relationship with a therapist. You get all the benefits of a connection and consultation with an experienced therapist, without the long-term commitment and goals. This is probably the right fit if it feels like you need concentrated help about a specific issue and want to work through it on your own timeline. 

What is the structure and pace of an intensive?

The standard intensive is delivered over three sessions with each session lasting two hours. The general outline looks like:

Session 1: Overview of the issue, background, it's impact on you, how you've been coping so far

Session 2: Developing a plan of action for moving forward, specific coping skills suited to the issue at hand, outline of what implementation looks like

Session 3: Follow up after plan has been implemented, review of barriers and successes

However, the great thing about an intensive is that we have the flexibility to make it work for you. Are you feeling surprisingly better after our second session and don't think you need a third? Fantastic. Did things not go exactly how you thought they would go after you implemented the plan and you want an extra session? Let's do it. 

How much does an intensive cost?

Each intensive session is two hours long (120 minutes) and priced at $450 per session. 

Do I need to commit to all three sessions?

No. Especially in times of stress, I believe that we all deserve the flexibility to make the right choices for ourselves. It's up to you if you want to schedule all three sessions or just go one at a time. If you ever feel like you don't want to continue, that is completely up to you--just let me know! My standard 24 hour cancellation fee applies, similar to regular therapy. 

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